BCargo 5.0 Family

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Made in Italy!
The safe and easy to ride cargo bike to carry your kids!

If you have small children, you believe that super powers are needed to take them to school, educate them to respect the environment, and spend quality time with them.

With Bcargo doing all these things is simple and fun. Every day the journey from home to school turns into a great adventure, and while the children are having fun, you keep fit.

Thanks to the pedal assistance you arrive fresh to work, and thanks to the four-season hood and seat belts, your little ones are safe and protected all year round.


Oli Sport 250Watt, 85Nm


Lithium 900Wh

Front fork

Suntour Mobie 32 – Cargo


Shimano Deore 10V / Enviolo Heavy Duty

Steering System

2 Aluminium Pulleys + 4 stainless steel cables/aeronautical sheaths


Spanninga Led




Schwalbe Big Ben Plus 20”/26”x2.20


Abus on frame


Promax Hydraulic (discs 180/160) / Magura MT-e (discs 203/180)

Max Load

180 Kg rider included

Length 245 cms
Net weight

36 + 9 kg

Seat Height

87/100 with suspension seat post – 82/110 with rigid seat post

Handlebar height

108/112 cms

Wooden Box

Reinforced birch; external dimensions 68cm x 65cm


Waterproof nautical fabric

Cushions                            Eco Leather

Seat belts                           With 3 anchor points

Passengers                        2     


We have designed our carrycot to carry your children safely and comfortably every day.

 All configurations, from summer to winter, are always at hand. Because the weather can suddenly change.


3-point safety belts

The 3-point seat belts and eco-leather cushions make your children’s journey safe and comfortable



Lots of space!

On the back of the hood, 2 large pockets give you additional space always at hand.


Origami Design

With the Origami design, opening and closing the canopy is child’s play.




A Reliable and Experienced Partner

The 50-year long experience of OLI Spa, a leading company in industrial electric motor, is the foundation of Oli e-bike System.

Proven by tests of Velotech.de
During the performance tests made by Velotech.de, Oli sport Motor has proven itself as one of the best motors in the world, ensuring a very high mechanical power even at the higher speeds, required by the most challenging hills.

» Number 1 at the start

Oli eBike Systems provide the higher torque during the starting phase.

» Ride to max

During the maximum utilisation performance tests, our motor ensures a very high mechanical power even at the higher speeds, required by the most challenging hills.

» Carrying 180 kg without feeling it!

Thanks to the “lazy mode” function, ideal for eCargoBike models, Oli eBike Systems motor provides maximum power with minimum effort, reaching a carrying capacity up to 180 kg like no other motor on the market.

» What about obstacles and hills? A breeze

The manual transmission is used less with our motors, thanks to a very high quality “torque sensor” that allows overcoming the steepest uphill stretch (up to a gradient of 40%), or any other obstacles with ease.

» Let the strength and the performance speak!

Provided with an extremely robust mechanics, this is one of the most quiet systems on the market, as confirmed by the tests.


Additional information

Frame Color

Blue, Green, Grey