ECU Reflashing Module

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The ECU Reflashing Module allows you to reflash your stock ECU directly form the OBD port. Nothing more easy to do! Just choose the STEP 1 or STEP 2 depending from the setup of your bike.

The ECU-RM has a preloaded map you will choose at the moment you buy it, just connect to the diagnostic plug of the bike and follow the displayed instructions. Few easy and sequential steps will guide you in the programming process. The ECU-RM will immediately read and save into his memory the stock map, so you can come back to stock at any time, then it will load into the stock ECU of your bike the new modified map.

  • STEP 1 for slip-ons that use the stock catalyst converter
  • STEP 2 for slip-ons without db-killers and De-Kat of full racing systems



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ECU Reflashing Module STEP1, ECU Reflashing Module STEP2