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The zipped FIT Long-sleeved jersey made of 3D technology without pockets, is recommended for all road and mountain bikers, and for people who run or who enjoy walking in town or in the hills, because it has handy back pockets for carrying small items. Its strengths are:

• 3D manufacturing

• it envelops without constricting

• absence of seams down the sides

• excellent fit

• breathability and constant temperature regulation.

Wearing a FIT Long-sleeved jersey will avoid dissipating your natural energy, and your skin will stay dry constantly regulating your body temperature.


The FIT Long-sleeved jersey will always keep the body dry and cool thanks to large ventilation openings that allow an excellent flow of air, ensuring that you always remain dry. Seamless, made from a lightweight fabric, it shapes to the body and gives complete freedom of movement. This enables to keep the body dry thanks to 3D manufacturing applied to the fabric, whereby it is manufactured. Highly versatile, in particular at milder temperatures: this garment is a good solution to train at any hour of the day. Seamless, made of a light fabric, it adapts itself to the wearer’s body without limiting any movements. 
The FIT Long-sleeved jersey is fitted with a full length cam lock zip that allows the zipper to be locked in place wherever you choose without slipping down. On the back, there are 2 handy pockets for carrying small items (energy bars, windproof vest, etc.), one pocket is endowed with zipper.

You can wear the FIT Long-sleeved jersey on days when temperatures range from 0° to +20°. We recommend wearing this garment when temperature is within the range specified above. But to decide what will meet your needs, which will vary depending on the sport, the climatic conditions and your own temperature regulation, you should evaluate what is the average temperature that you will encounter. In order to increase the effectiveness of its thermal and protective properties, we recommend wearing several technical layers in combination, in line with Biotex philosophy. Check which is the right size for you based on your body characteristics, choose the colour and find out when is the ideal time to wear this high performance technical thermal underwear product for your training. ThisFIT Long-sleeved jersey is guaranteed by Biotex’s experience. This garment will retain its technical qualities over the years even after frequent washing but it is important to follow some simple rules for washing and caring for it.


For over 20 years we at Biotex have been producing technical underwear to improve sports performance. We were the first Italian company to experiment with and use polypropylene in our products, a material that ensures breathability, lightness and constant body temperature regulationWe are also Partners of professional sports teams with whom we test the effectiveness of our technical apparel in the field in order to perfect it and make it perform well in every kind of sport.

The FIT Long-sleeved without pockets jersey guarantees an ideal micro-climate thanks to its special 3D honeycomb structure that preserves body heat. This turtleneck base layer, from the Bioflex Warm line, is extremely light, comfortable and breathable. It feels like a second skin and seems to be part of your body. The fabric used for this base layer is seamless (down the sides) and moulds itself to the shape of the body, highlighting the muscles.
Comfort termicoLeggerezzaRilascio Umiditàsenza cucitureanti-ventoultra-ventilazione


The fit is the difference between the body and the garment worn and its adaptability to the wearer. For the first layer in contact with the skin, we suggest a close fitting garment for greater effectiveness.
SLIM FIT: adapts perfectly to the line of the body highlighting the muscles.


slim fit


Polipropilene, poliammide, elastan


Take care of your Biotex garments and they will last for a long time. Biotex uses fabrics specially created to be in contact with the skin. To maintain their characteristics, we recommend gentle washing at a maximum temperature of 40° and air drying. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee the garment’s effectiveness. They must never be ironed. These fluorescent socks may fade after several washes.

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